Atlas Hugged Cover

Atlas Hugged

The Autobiography of John Galt III
A Novel by David Sloan Wilson

“Call me anything but John Galt. That is my name, but it is also the name of my father and grandfather. I am not like them and the world they created is not the one I desire. The III after my name does not sufficiently set me apart.”

With these words, famed scientist and nonfiction writer David Sloan Wilson launches a devastating critique of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and its impact on the world. Just as Rand advanced her ideas through fiction in addition to nonfiction, including her iconic novel Atlas Shrugged, Wilson pursues his quarry into the fictional realm with the story of John Galt III, the grandson of the main protagonist of Rand’s novel, and his quest to defeat the Evil Empire constructed by his father, grandfather, and grandmother—Ayn Rant. 

The banner of John Galt III’s revolt is a mysterious column of symbols: A dot, a circle, the American Flag, and the planet Earth. Never was an academic critique so decisive and also so much fun.

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