Atlas Hugged Cover

Atlas Hugged

The Autobiography of John Galt III
A Novel by David Sloan Wilson

“Call me anything but John Galt. That is my name, but it is also the name of my father and grandfather. I am not like them and the world they created is not the one I desire. The III after my name does not sufficiently set me apart.”

With these words, famed scientist and nonfiction writer David Sloan Wilson launches a devastating critique of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and its impact on the world. Just as Rand advanced her ideas through fiction in addition to nonfiction, including her iconic novel Atlas Shrugged, Wilson pursues his quarry into the fictional realm with the story of John Galt III, the grandson of the main protagonist of Rand’s novel, and his quest to defeat the Evil Empire constructed by his father, grandfather, and grandmother—Ayn Rant. 

“A beautifully written work of fiction with tantalizing sex and captivating drama, Atlas Hugged is also a serious read with its powerful insights into the broad appeal of the unadulterated evil of Ayn Rand’s political philosophy and the critical elements of the alternative that might lead us to a viable human  future.”

This inspiring book is the perfect antidote for the idea that individual greed can make the world a better place. An enthralling story that takes us from deep in the Amazon to a march across the United States, it challenges the rants of Ayn Rand that influenced Milton Friedman and all those who advocate the selfish, materialist, consumptive, short-term profit-oriented world that has thrown us into so many crises. Atlas Hugged inspires us to embrace the power of community; it lights the path to transform failing socio-economic systems into successful regenerative, life-affirming ones. Brilliant.

“If you want to engage the ideas about individualism so powerfully presented in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged you won’t find a stronger rebuttal in fictional form than David Sloan Wilson’s Atlas Hugged, which not only carries on the legacy of John Galt but shows where that philosophy leads when carried out to its logical conclusion. As an added bonus, Dr. Wilson has included a nonfiction appendix that discusses his scientific research in how best to structure society based on what we know about human nature.”

Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author of The Moral Arc, Heavens on Earth, and Giving the Devil His Due.

“My copy of Atlas Hugged arrived yesterday, when I was half-way through one of “The Ten Best Books of 2020.” I flipped open Atlas, expecting to set it aside, but was drawn in immediately. Atlas Hugged is a lively, engrossing story about some of the most important ideas of our time: the kind of book that energizes people with clarity and purpose. That other book? Terrific writing, but it’ll have to wait.”

Andy Norman, author of Mental Immunity

“A response, and counterproposal, to Ayn Rand’s controversial worldview from a celebrated scientist–in the form of a sequel to her own novel–would be big news. And this is it.”

Kurt Johnson PhD, author of The Coming Interspiritual AgeFine LinesNabokov’s Blues; co-editor of Our Moment of Choice.

“Atlas Hugged blends science fiction, romance, roman àclef, epistolary, mystery story, philosophy, science, politics, and hero’s journey adventure in a ripping yarn. Five out of five stars!”

Dr Joe T Velikovsky Ph.D, Information Scientist

“A fun and fast story, an antidote to the toxins of our time—“Greed is good,” partisan divisions, social and intellectual silos—and a continuous cascade of inspiring ideas.”

“The ancient Greeks who staged drama as both tragedy and comedy, and who designated science as the study of Nature to find guidance in human affairs, must be rising from their tombs to applaud an evolution biologist using these arts to convey the scientific truth that the greatest leaps in evolution have been new advances in cooperation at ever larger scales.”

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD, evolution biologist & futurist; author of Gaia’sDance: The Story of Earth & Us.

“This is an incredibly ambitious novel from one of the finest scientific minds on the planet–who just happens to be the son of the great American novelist Sloan Wilson. The goal of Atlas Hugged is nothing short of changing the world by uniting humanity and eliminating suffering. As a reimagined sequel of sorts to Ayn Rand’s famous and influential novel Atlas Shrugged, Wilson’s work is similarly full of philosophical ideas and illustrative parables. It’s didactic in the best sense of that word”

Ed Gibney, Author of Evolutionary Philosophy and Draining the Swamp.

After a year of bio-reality-challenging pandemic, I have just read DS Wilson’s Atlas Hugged.  I confess that in my teens and 20’s I followed Ayn Rand quite closely. So I was curious and more than a little skeptical about this daring satire. However, I must declare that I am quite captivated by AH. I really appreciate David’s intentions, plot line, settings, characters, and reframing of a belief system that impacted a good 50% of my life!! But I also appreciate his imagination, sense of humour, storytelling and the surprising empathy he bestows on his characters. I am grateful for the Epilogue about the science behind AH and find it aligns very much with the science I have referenced as I have been exploring the organismic nature of Gaia, cities, collectives and individual humans. I came to enjoy the characters in AH – so who knows, I will probably re-read it a few times just for the pleasure of their company 😊

Marilyn Hamilton,  author Integral City Book Series for the Human Hive:  Reframing Complex ChallengesInquiry & Action / Evolutionary Intelligences; Founder Integral City Meshworks

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The banner of John Galt III’s revolt is a mysterious column of symbols: A dot, a circle, the American Flag, and the planet Earth. Never was an academic critique so decisive and also so much fun.