A Deep Philosophical Dive with Ed Gibney

A Deep Philosophical Dive with Ed Gibney. Ed Gibney is a writer and philosopher whose Evolutionary Philosophy blog is listed among the 100 top philosophy blogs, websites, and influencers of 2020. A novelist himself (Draining the Swamp), while Ed thinks highly of AH overall (see his endorsement on the AH homepage), he has some philosophical bones to pick, which we have started to discuss on the Letter.wiki website. Remember–when it comes to constructive intellectual discourse, if you’re not disagreeing, you’re not making progress!

“A response, and counterproposal, to Ayn Rand’s controversial worldview from a celebrated scientist–in the form of a sequel to her own novel–would be big news. And this is it.”

Kurt Johnson PhD, author of The Coming Interspiritual AgeFine LinesNabokov’s Blues; co-editor of Our Moment of Choice.

“This is an incredibly ambitious novel from one of the finest scientific minds on the planet–who just happens to be the son of the great American novelist Sloan Wilson. The goal of Atlas Hugged is nothing short of changing the world by uniting humanity and eliminating suffering. As a reimagined sequel of sorts to Ayn Rand’s famous and influential novel Atlas Shrugged, Wilson’s work is similarly full of philosophical ideas and illustrative parables. It’s didactic in the best sense of that word”

Ed Gibney, Author of Evolutionary Philosophy and Draining the Swamp.