Praise from Glenn Geher–a real-life Howard Head

Glenn Geher is an evolutionary psychologist at SUNY New Paltz who teaches evolution in the same way as Howard Head. He was the first person to replicate the EvoS (Evolutionary Studies) program that I started at Binghamton University and then we worked together to create a multi-university consortium with NSF funding. Our book (co-edited with Hadassah Mativetsky and Andrew Gallup) titled Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum: Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education, is the way that Howard Head taught John Galt III. Glenn’s book Positive Evolutionary Psychology: Darwin’s Guide to Leading a Richer Life is much in line with the True Objectivist Movement. It was therefore a thrill to read Glenn’s review of Atlas Hugged on his Psychology Today blog, where he compares it to a Kurt Vonnegut novel. High praise! GO HERE FOR THE REVIEW.

“A response, and counterproposal, to Ayn Rand’s controversial worldview from a celebrated scientist–in the form of a sequel to her own novel–would be big news. And this is it.”

Kurt Johnson PhD, author of The Coming Interspiritual AgeFine LinesNabokov’s Blues; co-editor of Our Moment of Choice.

“This is an incredibly ambitious novel from one of the finest scientific minds on the planet–who just happens to be the son of the great American novelist Sloan Wilson. The goal of Atlas Hugged is nothing short of changing the world by uniting humanity and eliminating suffering. As a reimagined sequel of sorts to Ayn Rand’s famous and influential novel Atlas Shrugged, Wilson’s work is similarly full of philosophical ideas and illustrative parables. It’s didactic in the best sense of that word”

Ed Gibney, Author of Evolutionary Philosophy and Draining the Swamp.